K.V. Mahabala had an aptitude for music since childhood. After experimenting with singing and mandolin playing, he found his true love for classical North Indian music in Sitar.

After having initial education of music with his first teacher, Sri Yoga Narasimha in Mysore, K.V. Mahabala decided to seek further musical career in New Delhi, capital of India. There he joined Gandharva Maha Vidhyalaya - an Institution responsible for popular promotion of music in the Indian Society. There he came across great masters of music, which enriched his appreciation. In New Delhi he furthered his studies with Pandit Uma Shankar Mishra, a senior disciple of legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar and renowned sitarist in his own right. At this time K.V. Mahabala was already performing in concerts including the one hosted by the National Thermal Power Corporation of India.

When he migrated to United States in 1992, prominent musicians like Pandit Krishna Bhatt and Pandit Soumitra Lahari further developed his passion for music. K.V. Mahabala has developed a very spiritual approach that reflects in his music. It is this feature that finds him being received so well in the Yoga center of Monroe where he is a regular performer. Mahabala not only carries the rich cultural heritage of India but, whenever he performs and teaches, one can see and feel the presence of it. His larger than life attitude and his looking at music as means to better one’s existence sent a highly aesthetic and peaceful vibe through his music that the modern times are much in need of. Currently, K.V. Mahabala is studying under the guidance of Pandit Barun Kumar pal, a senior disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar and renowned Hansa Veena player, & Pandit Samir Chatterjee, a renowned Tabla player.